Spareparts for conveyors

We have a wide assortment of high quality spare parts. Perfect fit and performance are BNT’s hallmark.

Our rolls

are B certified for mining operations.
The Components possess the same high quality as our stone crusher products which have made BNT a recognized brand all over the world. A new product area for BNT, but with the same quality requirements.

Dirt whacker

The Ultimate in Conveyor Belt Cleaning
The Dirt Whacker conveyor belt cleaner systems are recognized worldwide for their effectiveness and durability. In addition these conveyor belt cleaners are renowned for their belt-friendliness. In making use of our proven parallelogram system, the customer is assured that the blade-to-belt angle will always function at the optimum angle. Our remote control system ensures that the adjustment of the Dirt Whacker can be accomplished from a convenient location.

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Dirt whacker
Dirt whacker